No, It’s Not Okay To Sucker Punch People (Even If They’re Nazis)

Over the past day or two I’ve watched friends of mine—people I know to be non-violent in their day-to-day lives—throw their better nature out the window and instantly collectively hive-mind to believe that sucker punching people is okay, so long as it is a nazi that is being punched.

This prompted me to take to Twitter and Facebook and remind them that, no, sucker punching people is not okay, no matter what. What happened to Richard Spencer is not cool, or funny, or valiant—it is senseless, unprovoked, cowardly violence. And it is behavior that any group should never condone, and always actively self-police against.

Liberals should be decrying this. Instead, they’re crying with laughter, meme-ing the video like crazy, and even meme-ing the entire concept of unprovoked assaults against nazis as some sort of fun, positive, encouraged thing. (I will not be linking to any of that stupidity here—if you want to see it, follow pretty much any millennial liberal on Twitter and you’ll see plenty of it.)

The only time it is acceptable to use violence is in self-defense against violence. Words—even absolutely horrible ones—should be met only with words. How this is suddenly a controversial position is beyond me, but believe it or not, today I’ve lost Twitter followers, and even actual friends over it. Over espousing non-violence!

I’ve been called a nazi sympathizer over my position on this issue. I am not. I am a champion of freedom and equality—which means defending the rights of even people you absolutely do not agree with. I do not at all agree with nazism, but I will never not defend a nazi’s rights as an American.

If we only defend the rights of people we agree with, that is literally mob rule. That is chaos and tribalism. That is viewing rights as privileges to be fought over. Rights are not that—rights are inalienable. Rights are for all.